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Areola Reconstruction Maynard MA


Areola Tattoo Reconstruction Maynard MA

Introducing Pure Skin's New Resident Artist!


Abbie Ingram, PA-C, is a Surgical Physician Assistant with 14 years of experience in Breast Reconstruction.

Abbie is the former Chief Physician Assistant in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Abbie is a highly experienced Paramedical Tattoo Specialist and will be offering 3-Dimensional Tattoo Areola Restoration using the Vicki Martin Method at Pure Skin Permanent Cosmetics in Maynard, MA!

3D Areola Restoration is a highly specialized practice of paramedical tattooing, which restores the color, size and shape of the areola following major breast related surgeries including breast reduction, mastectomies, reconstruction, or implants. 

Nipple Tattoo Maynard MA

All 3D Areola Questions, FREE Zoom Consults and Appointments are booked directly with Abbie Ingram.

Areola Restoration Maynard MA
Breast Reconstruction Tattoo Maynard MA
Breast Reconstruction Tattoo  Maynard MA.jpg
Breast Cancer Nipple Reconstruction Maynard MA
Areola Reconstruction  Maynard MA.jpg
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