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All PMU services are offered in our Maynard, MA location by appointment only. Consultation and deposit are required to book. 

Why Choose Pure Skin for your Permanent Makeup?

AAM Gold Board Certified Micropigmentation Artist


  • AAM Gold Board Certified Micropigmentation Artist

  • Art & Science of Micropigmentation Certification- Prettyology

  • PMU Apprenticeship- Prettyology 

  • Former Micropigmentation Artist with the Prettyology Team on Newbury St

  • Prettyology Microblading Advanced Certification

  • Prettyology Digital Hairstroke Advanced Certification

  • Mary Ritcherson Nanolines Brow Certification

  • Shay Danielle Academy Art & Science of Lip Blushing Certification

  • Shay Danielle Academy Color Correction Certification

  • Velvet Eyeliner Certification

  • Teryn Darling Needle Training Certification

  • Beauty Angel's Academy Men's Brows Hairstroke Certification

  • MBL Nano Brows Certification

  • Scar Camouflage and 3D Belly Button Course Certification

  • Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal Certification

  • Maynard Board of Health Licensed & Insured Permanent Makeup & Body Art Facility 

Booking Permanent Makeup (PMU) with Pure Skin


A complimentary In-Office or Zoom consultation is always required if you are a new PMU client to Pure Skin. If you have no prior PMU, your first application is always a two step process with an initial and follow up appointment. If you have had prior PMU by another artist and need a touch-up/color boost, an In-Office consult is required. 

Your service date will be scheduled

at your Zoom or In-Office Consult.



A Non-Refundable $100 Fee is required to book your service to hold your appointment and turn away other clients. The full remainder of your payment will be due on the day of your service. 


  • In-Office or Zoom Consultation

  • $100 booking fee

  • First micropigmentation session

  • 2 month follow-up perfecting session 

  • All aftercare products for 2 sessions


Member Loyalty Points cannot be used for Permanent Makeup or Removal Services!

Pure Skin Owner


30 Minute Consultation

Zoom 15 Minute Consultation 

Microblading, Nano Brows or Digital Hairstrokes  

Individual hairstrokes are created with a microblading hand tool or a cosmetic tattoo digital pen. 

Learn More About Nano Brows vs. Microblading... 

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $575

Powder Ombre Brows

Powder Brows are also often called Ombre Brows or Magic Shadow Brows. All are names for the same thing... a soft shading technique similar to the look of your brow pencil or powder. The healed result is a soft and diffuse wash of color that adds dimension to your brows. 

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $575

Combo or Hybrid Brows

Combo or Hybrid Brows are the best of both techniques! Hairstrokes and soft shading are added throughout the brow. This is the most popular brow and the healed results generally appear the most natural of all the techniques.

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $575

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a cosmetic tattooing technique that deposits pigment for a wash of color that defines your lips and adds the appearance of fullness.  

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $599

Natural Eyeliner

  • Lash Line Enhancement or Baby Liner is a fine line of pigment deposited at the base of your lashes to give the illusion of thicker lashes.

  • Baby Winged Liner is a petite winged liner to give the illusion of a wider eye. 

  • Smoky Baby Liner is a smudged smoky liner effect.

Top Eyeliner Only

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $399

Top and Bottom Eyeliner 

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $499

Paramedical Tattooing

Using microneedling and micropigmentation, PMU artists camouflage skin irregularities. Examples of treatment areas include scars (from injuries, surgery, acne, etc..), stretch marks, and areas lacking pigmentation (from vitiligo, sun spots, etc...).

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: Pricing Varies

(small area starting at $450 for 2 sessions)

 12-36 Month Color Boost

It is normal for your prior permanent makeup to fade and often cool down in color over time. A color boost refreshes the color and shape of your brows, lips or eyeliner! A color boost is one micropigmentation session for one treatment area.


If your prior PMU application was more than 36 months ago, you will need 2 sessions to fully deepen and enhance your color and shape. Please book as an initial procedure. 

(($100 Booking Deposit added towards total cost of service))

12-24 Month Color Boost

2.5 Hours

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $250

24-36 Month Color Boost

3 Hours

Booking Deposit: $100

Due on Day of Service: $350

Service Financing
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