Member Loyalty Program

Gain points and turn them into rewards!

Loyalty Program Details

Oh hey, you know what's fun?


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 Earning Points

  • Become a site member

  • Purchase a product at our online store

  • Book and pre-pay for a service online or in-office

  • Permanent Makeup and Removal Services are excluded.

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Coupon Values


10 Points = 10% Off

20 Points = 20% Off

30 Points = 30% Off

40 Points = 40% Off

50 Points= 50% Off


10 Points = 10% Off

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Point Value

Earn 10 points for every pre-paid booking or product purchase.

10 Points = 10% Off

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Redeeming Coupons 

  • Log into your account

  • Go to My Loyalty Points

  • Choose coupon amount

  • Copy coupon code

  • Apply to "Promo Code" at check out

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Point System

  • Booking Points can be accumulated to redeem for 10%-50% off all eligible services.

  • Products Points can only be redeemed for 10% per order. 

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Coupon Rules

  • Only one coupon can be redeemed at a time at checkout. 

  • Once points have been redeemed as a coupon, you are unable to return those points for a larger coupon. 

  • Permanent Makeup and Removal Services are excluded.

  • Any appointment that is booked and pre-paid (online or in office) accumulates points. 

  • If a service is cancelled and refunded, the points will also be deducted