All lash & brow services are offered in our Maynard, MA location by appointment only.

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Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lashing is a technique in which a single extension is applied to one natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and natural fullness to your lash line. Classic lashes will give the appearance of wearing mascara.

Full Classic Set


2-3 Week Fill



Lash Lift & Tint

Want to forget that mascara and lash curler? A lash lift and tint smooths, curls and darkens your lashes. Keratin moisturizes and protects your lashes. Your lift will last 6-8 weeks with proper aftercare.

Lash Lift Only (no tint)



Lash Lift & Tint



Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a keratin treatment that “laminates” the direction of your brows creating symmetry and fullness. Keratin and silicone encourage brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair.

Brow Design & Tweeze included!

Add a brow tint and forget about that brow pencil and brow gel for the next 2 months 

Brow Lamination Only



Brow Lamination & Tint



Henna Brows

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to tint the skin and brow hairs. The henna on the skin creates an illusion of depth and fullness, visually filling in any sparseness. Henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as the mignonette tree. Henna nourishes the hair and encourages brow growth. 

Henna lasts 6-8 weeks on the eyebrow hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin! Brows a little unruly? Make sure to add on a tweeze!

Henna Brows


Henna Brows & Tweeze


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Henna Freckles

Try the latest trend with a cute sprinkling of freckles. Henna lasts up to 2 weeks or more on the skin.


Brow Design & Tweeze

Not sure how to shape your brows? Let a brow expert give you the perfect shape! Choose a tweeze (can opt for wax if preferred). Add a brow tint for dimension and fullness. 

Tweeze Only


 Tweeze & Tint



Brow or Lash Tint

Add a brow tint for dimension and fullness or a lash tint and forget your brow pencil or mascara for a few weeks.


Lasts up to 4 weeks with proper aftercare. 

Brow OR Lash Tint



Guy Brows Tweeze

Need to tame those brows? Guy brow sessions focus on subtle and natural shaping. Choose a tweeze or wax. 

Some gray starting to sneak in? Add a subtle tint that lasts up to 4 weeks.

Tweeze Only


Tweeze and Tint


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