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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal and Lifting

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Not happy with prior permanent makeup? Need to correct the shape or color? Pure Skin is a certified Botched Ink Saline Tattoo Removal technician site. Botched Ink's award-winning formula gently and effectively removes and lightens unwanted permanent makeup. 

What is Saline Tattoo Removal?

  • A saline solution is implanted in the skin pushing out the unwanted pigment resulting in a thin dry scab 

  • Improves undesirable color and shape

  • 3-6 sessions are usually required with 8-12 weeks between sessions

  • Topical numbing products are used to keep you comfortable

  • First session is 2 hours. Follow-up sessions are 1 hour.

  • Saline is the gentlest non-laser removal method

Botched Ink Benefits

  • Lightens, improves and removes brow and lip liner tattoos

  • Suitable for all skin types & colors

  • Removes all colors of pigment

  • Award winning innovative formula

  • The gentlest non-laser removal method

More Info About Botched Ink


  • Consult is required prior to booking.

  • $50 Non-Refundable Deposit required to book (added towards total cost of service). 

  • $150 per session ($100 due on day of service)

Laser vs Saline Removal

  • Laser tattoo removal uses a laser to break down the pigment into small particles that are absorbed into the lymphatic system and expelled by the body. Many do not like the idea of the pigment absorbed by their immune system and opt for Saline Removal. With Saline removal, the tattoo ink is lifted up through the surface of the skin.

  • Laser tattoo removal can cause scar tissue and you may not be able to re-tattoo over that particular area again. You can, however, re-tattoo over an area that has had Saline Tattoo Removal.

  • Laser can only target certain colors for removal. Saline removal can remove all colors.

  • Saline Tattoo Removal is generally more cost effective. 

Not sure if you need removal or if you are a candidate for a color or shape correction?
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Botched Ink Tattoo Removal
Botched Ink Tattoo Removal
Botched Ink Tattoo Removal
Botched Ink Tattoo Removal

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Saline Tattoo Removal

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